Disconnecting the sway bar: Escudo/Tracker

A few questiosn have come in regarding the sway bar on Trackers/Suzuki Escudos – particularly how to remove them.

The outcome of this is increased attenuation and sadly, increased body roll in turns. This is advantageous in offroad driving but can have a negative impact if the majority of driving you do is in-town.

Without splitting hairs, most offroad enthusiast will tell you to remove it and in my case this has helped my tonka’s ride on-road to be a little smoother while on-road it is now more capable off-road. My rig is the 1600 3 door model and running the v6 springs for a little more hight.

It is a pretty simple process – 6 bolts.

Swaybar in red Swaybar in red

Hi-Lighted is the sway bar/stabilizer arm you are wanting to remove.

Undo the two bottom nuts:

Note boltNote boltArm disconnected

Loosen and remove the 4 remaining bolts:

Top Bolts

Once removed I found it best to screw the bolts onto the chassis so you dont loose them.

Bolt storage

10 minute job assuming you dont stop for a break.

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