Simpana 8.0 and Linux Clients – 19:599

Recent experience with Simpana is that jobs are submitted to for backup yet fail instantly after the job is started with error 19:599. Not much to go by and not much in Google either; nor the forums.

This issue seems to happen after the upgrade of Ubuntu based client to OS and security patches to 14.04.

Re-installing, reboot of the client and connectivity tests (ping, dns resolution, telnet client 8400+8402 to CV, and Media box; then all the way back again) do not resolve the issue.

After enough days of reading longs, the /etc/hosts file was found to be bad in that erroneous entries as such were present: Localhost

One would expect the CV agent to be bound to an IP address, however along the way you will be fooled by the simple fact that the machine is about to answer to pings, had the required ports open, dns also matches its IP address, and firewalls have been disabled for testing purposes, so, from a network point of view; all is well. Change this and you will be in business.

Resolution is as follows:

  • Change the /etc/hosts entry with your favorite txt editor hosts to the actual IP of the client:
    • Original – Localhost
    • New – x.x.x.x fqdn
  • Restart of the Simpana services from terminal using sudo simpana restart 
  • Check that your services are running with sudo simpana list

You will now find out that restarting the job with allow for a successful backup.

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