Samsung Galaxy S7: Big brand Android flagship champ

Samsung made its big break with tradition last year, and this year’s model sees only positive improvements. Last year Samsung took its Galaxy S moneyspinner down a major new route, and not before time: the design was weary and the software bloated and incoherent. But not everyone liked the changes Samsung made. The S6 looked better and more modern, but the battery life wasn’t very good, and now you couldn’t change the battery, or put in a memory card. The S6 was all sleek glass and metal looks, but many Galaxy owners have been practical types, and had to look elsewhere for something with expandable storage and replaceable battery.

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Steely wonder? Samsung Galaxy S6

Review I’ve found life is so much easier if one sticks to three simple rules. Never drive a Volvo car, never buy a Samsung phone, and always grind your own coffee. However, I might have to rethink one of those – and it isn’t the coffee.Samsung’s Galaxy S6 flagship handsetSamsung can’t do anything without a cacophonous bang, whether the product is good, bad or indifferent. Yet in a sober assessment, Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 is the best phone you can get today that isn’t an iPhone, and is actually preferable to an iPhone on several counts of quality and convenience.I’ve spent a few days with the S6, and a few minutes with the curved glass S6 Edge, which means it only gets a footnote here. In both cases, every part of the flagship has received some long overdue TLC. The S6’s style unabashedly apes the iPhone, with mixed results.

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