Cabling for new DataCenter Theory Comparison

So you’re building a new data center.

There are a lot of discussions raging around about how you’re going to port your data to your patch panel.

Without getting into the debates, the following options common practices are available:

  1. Server to patch in the same rack then plugged into switch in the patch panel room/rack.
    Advantages:  Everything terminating in one point while keeping the source rack clean.
    Disadvantages: Spaghetti effect in the connection point.  Only useful in small networks, site offices. Limited growth.
  2. Server to Switch, switch is up-linked.
    Advantages: Allows for growth. Tidy. Allows for potability – especially in container data center situations. Logical and easy troubleshooting.
    Disadvantages: More points of failure.  More Expensive.

So in conclusion, at least when only comparing these two common approaches, the first solution wins the cake. It is cheaper, it requires less time time setting up, however – does have a few pitfalls looking at future expansion troubleshooting, and flexibility this should be your first decision.