The little 4 wheel drive little that could

Ever wonder what a Tracker could do versus a Nissan Patrol?

I came across this today morning and simply had to share it.

The Nissan driver probably got a little unlucky –  the diff lockers not engaged or probably something along those lines.

You will notice the the Patrol is also lifted a little.


Bacon 7 day diet: Day 3 – Bacon-Tato



  1. 1 Potato
  2. Lots of bacon
  3. Your flavours – Salt, pepper, parsley, paprika.
  4. Grated chese


Take a potato and bake in over at 180 degrees for about half hour, depending on your oven.

Once cooked, add cheese and wrap in bacon (I use toothpicks to keep it attached), add flavours – cook for 5 minutes – Voila!