Bacon 7 day diet: Day 1 – Bacon and Eggs!


So, as a challenge, I have voluntered myself for a sacrifice – EAT bacon for 7 days. This is partly because I have a freezer full of bacon and partly because of my soul belief that there is no moderation when it comes to bacon.

So, the first recipe is bacon and eggs:


8 rashers american bacon (free-range piggies if available)
4 eggs (non-free-range)


  1. 10-15 Minutes – Cook you bacon untill brown frying streaks appear – you now have the oil you will fry you eggs into, the ingredients said 8 rashers, personally there is no objection if you wanted more.
  2. 1-3 Minutes – Cook your eggs, I prefer them runny because this will give you something to dip your bacon into
  3. 1-3 Minutes – Now being half insane we’ll cook the two remaining eggs scrambled
  4. Flavour your eggs with Salt, Pepper and Corriander.